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Australian Sheep Skins from mature sheep selected all year round,Skins are available with varying wool lengths and wool count depending on season and time of shearing.

Sheepskins are selected for a large range of consumer products including home decoration products, medical fur, shoe lining, footwear (moccasins, slippers),garments, car seat covers, and industrial products such as paint applicators.

New Season Lamb Skins

From young lambs un-shorn. Skins are available with varying wool lengths depending on the time of season (August to December) .These lambskins are also known as “Sucker Lambskins” and “Spring Lambskins”.


The Dorper was developed in South Africa in the 1930’s by crossing Blackhead Persian ewes with a Dorset Horn ram. The first embryos were imported into Australia in 1996.Skins are available all year round for products include jacket, lady shoes,wallets.


In Australia, most popular cross breed of sheep is the “Border Merino” Crossbred and comprises the ewe progeny from Border Leicester rams mated to Merinos ewes. The great majority of Australian lambs slaughtered for meat are from “Border/Merino” ewes mated “Downs” breed rams (e.g. Southdown or Poll Dorset).

Shorn Lamb SKins

Shorn lambs are available all year around but in short supply between September to December.

Goat Skins

Most goat skins are used as leather, as the hair fiber is of no value.

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